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My Favorite Flowers are unsurpassed for beauty, ideal for your Wedding or Special Occasion. Beauty Red's are our Specialty. Assorted colors to achieve beauty for your special day, Red, Pink, White, Yellow, Orange, Green, Blue! Beautiful!

Mother's Day, Valentine Day, Easter, Birthday's, Anniversaries, Special Occasions, Celebrated with Flowers, inexpensive, assorted colors of your choice. Cheer up a friend or loved one that is ill or hospitalized with a dozen of inexpensive Roses.

They are referred to as the Queen of Flowers and historically the most revered flower describing Love in Literature, Poetry and Music. It is the essence of the heart, representing Love from around the World.

Roses come in fifty assorted colors, depending on the season, to magnify the beauty of your Special Occasion, you may order online, safely delivered to your front door by FedEx pay through PayPal button below. Guaranteed to remain fresh from the time of arrival for seven full days. Mother's Day Special! $19.95 per doz. Min order, Assorted Colors 4 dozen (50) long stem roses,25 Red, 25 Assorted Colors $79.00 or 100 Roses $119.00 includes Free Shipping, place your online order today

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Red Rose Bouquet

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