The Man behind the Computer Screen

There is a man behind the computer screen wanting to make you happy buying beautiful Roses at an inexpensive price. Roses to share with family, loved ones, church, funerals, celebrations, birthdays, etc. at these low low prices. $19.95 per doz. min. 50 Roses, assorted colors $79.95 FREE Shipping by FedEx pay through PayPal. 100 Roses $119.00

The Man behind the screen is Donald A. Wagley a semi retired executive, to active to retire and sit down. The proceeds from this site go to educate children, providing soccer and track shoes for Children in Central And South American.

The Man behind the screen is a father, three responsible adult children, one daughter and two sons. Daughter lives in Florida and two sons live in Metro Atlanta. A GrandFather, Six Grandchildren, one partner and one Bichon, that owns the house. She is not really a dog, she thinks she is human.

Make the Man behind the screen is happy when you buy Roses for your loved one. The Man behind the screen will share with you the joy the children get by receiving new tennis shoes.

Thanking you in advance for your order, you will love your Roses!God Bless!