Care of Roses

Care of Roses and Wedding Flowers

Roses add a special touch to your home. Their beauty, fragrance add a wonderful aroma that is hard to beat. Upon receiving your roses, carefully unpack, remove any dried petals, cut 1 inch from bottom of stem at at 45 degree angle place in water to hydrate for a couple hours to let the roses adjust to their new home. You want to make sure you roses last as long as possible. Follow the guidelines enclosed in the shipping box to take care of cut roses, making sure that you enjoy the beauty of your roses a long time.

Additional care ideas

Submerged leaves can decay and create bacteria. Remove these leaves. Be careful not to damage the bark of the stem. Any damages to the stem can prevent uptake of water through the stem.after the stems are cut, place roses in a deep vase of warm preservative solution. Leave roses in a cool, dark place for a couple of hours before arranging. This gives the roses a little time to settle and adjust before being arranged.

Arrange fresh-cut roses in a vase with water that contains flower preservative. Flowers come with a preservative packet and instruction on mixing it with water. Use only clean cool water for the life of your roses.

Roses are thirsty. Make sure there is plenty of water. Remember to add more preservative solution as you add more water.

Roses don't like too much sunlight or extreme heat. Keep the roses in a cool area out of direct sunlight and drafts until you use them.

Roses can wilt if they can not take up water and preservative solution through the stem. If fresh roses begin to wilt, it could mean that there is air trapped in the stem. Cut off additional bottom of the stem. Check for any damage to the bark and cut the stem above this, if it is above the water level since it can cause air to get into the stem. Submerge the rose in warm water for about an hour and it can then go back in the arrangement.

These tips will provide a longer life for your roses, maintaining their beauty and colorful warmth. Enjoy!

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