Why Buy Beautiful Roses?

Our flowers are cut at the farm, delivered to your front door, fresh and guaranteed a longer life then our competitors provided you follow feeding and care instructions living7 to 10 days after you receive your order, provided you followinstructions in each box delivered to your front door by FedEx..

We sell only online My Favorite Roses, Weddings, Valentine Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day (yes father lovesRoses,too) Birthdays, Anniversaries, Special Events, Memorials, Funeral Homes, Churches, Reunions, you name the need and event we will provide beautiful Roses for you.

We know how to ship these delicate Roses from years of experience to arrive at your home or business for you to enjoy and which expresses the love these beautiful one of a kind Roses bring to you or loved one.

We work closely with the our flower farms, FedEx, UPS, DHL in Ecuador, Columbia, and in the United States for overnight express shipments to ensure fast, safe andsecure shipping for all of our Roses, plus FREE Shipping!

My Favorite Roses ordered from us are much fresher than flowers found in your local flower shop, food market or wholesaler. Your order, if placed, no later than 4:30 PM EST will be shipped next day, depending on the season, when Roses are Harvest based on the time of year, Our Order department will let you know when to expect deliver of your Roses.

Your order is placed at the farm level and shipped directly to you! We avoid the Cold Storage stop over in Miami, your Roses are shipped directly to you.

There are no middlemen, your Roses are the freshest of the fresh. Just be sure upon arrival you give the Roses a day to adjust and rehydrate. Roses drink alot of water. Please follow instructions to receive the full beauty of your Roses. If you have questions you may email or call toll free during office hours 8 to 5 pm EST. Order today $17.95 per doz.4 doz. min. $69.95 Free Shipping by FedEx pay thru PayPal. You will be delighted with the Roses. Thanks!

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