DIY Wedding Arrangements

Save BigTime!

DIY Wedding Arrangements SAVE at least a 1/3 of the cost by DIY!

If you're planning to DIY wedding flowers arrangement, you may have already discovered that finding the right flowers is as challenging as putting together the arrangements.

Flowers-Forever with Love will take away the confusion and frustration for your source of all your flower needs. If you do, DIY own flowers, you'll save at least 1/3 or more on the cost of your wedding flowers, The part is the "work" of designing, arranging required to get the job done before your wedding, takes time. BUT, you can do it!

Flowers-Forever-with Love works as your Wholesale Flower Market to save you money . We access the flower markets daily, finding the best value and price available without cost of the Middle Man, plus your Roses will be the freshest you can buy direct from the farm. We have the widest variety of the fresh roses at the lowest prices.

You'll even be able to beat the prices of your local florist, We offer the best price, highest quality of Roses available for your wedding, however, if you wish you can check out: Wholesale markets are located in large metropolitan areas or suburbs where their customers are plentiful. Check your yellow pages to locate Wholesale Flower Markets. The markets open very early so that local retail flower shops can secure their flowers that go into their display case for the day.We can save you a lot of time and effort when you purchase you wedding roses from Grocery Stores If you're having a small wedding, the local grocery store will be able to provide Roses at a cheap price, but will not be five star quality. You will not receive long stem fresh cut Roses directly off the farm. So you will know, Grocery Store Roses will have short stems, lower quality. You do have the choice of a el cheapo roses at your local Grocery Store.

Stand alone privately owned Florists Small florists are typically owned by individuals, selling flowers and arrangements to customers making their profits from mark up on flowers, pricing design,delivery and overhead are included in the price of their flowers. Florist provide a great service but are more expensive because they have to make a profit to stay in business. Freshness and longer life from florist maybe questionable, depending on how long the flowers have been in their cooler display case.

You can secure your specialty items, at a lower price from Wal Mart or Target, such as greenery, ribbons, arches, alters, and floral garlands to complete your arrangements.

Farmer's Markets Farmer's markets aren't just for fresh fruits and vegetables. Many vendors grow and sell flowers, Check them out, speak to different vendors that have a variety of flowers that may appeal to you. Since there can be a wide variety of flowers available, mail order is not a good way to purchase flowers for your wedding. You have to be concerned about cold or hot weather, protecting your flowers before they arrive for you to complete the arrangements.

It takes time to unwrap, hydrate your flowers, preparation of the flowers. There is a lot of work involved in making your wedding floral arrangement, disposing all the paper, cleaning up all take time.

Once you've decided to do your flowers yourself, determined the varieties you will have to decide your color schemes, number of corsages, table centerpieces, how many boutonnières arrangements to make. Greenery, Baby's Breath, etc. you will need to complete your floral arrangements. It's hard work, but you can do it! LOTS OF WATER will be needed to hydrate your flowers, especially Roses. Roses drink a lot of water. So, keep it simple use buckets of water with packets of food, be sure to cut stems 2 inches from the bottom at a 45 degree angle, place your stems in a bucket of water for a couple of hours to hydrate, water and feed your flowers daily. If you keep your flowers after the wedding, continue to water regularly with clean cool water. Afterwards you can dry your flowers, save the dried petals for a keep sake and happy memories.

Care of Roses/Flowers

Check out care of Roses on the content tab on Home Page. Special care is required to maintain full beauty and longer life for your Roses. These tips will insure a long life for your flowers.

Most important when you DIY, is to plan time enough to arrange your wedding flowers the way you want without being in a hurry. You will have less stress, you will be a happier bride. You can do it! Just do it!

Order off the internet made easy, can assist you with all your flower arrangements, especiallywith Roses. We do specialize in my favorite wedding roses. Make life simple, easy and happy, go online and order your Wedding to Go from or call us to discuss you flower needs for your wedding.

Happy Days are here! Smile, be Happy!

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